LIVE Musical Entertainment

Event Attraction

When guests show up to an event, they are eager to find out what sort of entertainment is planned for the night. Event entertainment plays a very important role in ensuring your guests are enjoying themselves.

Company Parties & Events

We are equipped to accommodate your company event’s with professional scale entertainment to fit your specific needs. Large or small events, we will be sure to give you what you need to assure your event is successful. You can package your event with all three options we offer, “LIVE ENTERTAINMENT” DANCE MUSIC, KARAOKE or any combination to tailor the needs of your event. Contact us and let us work with you!

Music Genres

Musical entertainment for any event is sure to please your guests. Music is always key to a great event that gets every individual moving! We guarantee our event entertainment to be one that is talked about long after your event has successfully concluded.

Contact us today for more information about the musical entertainment we provide at One Voice Entertainment in Woodstock, Georgia.  We guarantee your special event to be a memorable one. Proudly Serving: Atlanta, Cherokee County, Cobb County, and Woodstock

 About Us

One Voice Entertainment, knows hosting an event requires careful planning, and depending on the event being hosted, musical entertainment is always a good choice. Treat your guests to a diverse collection of music and watch as they dance the night away.

Why We Stand Apart

One Voice Entertainment is one live performing vocalist with music for any occasion no matter how small or how big.  With 20+ years of singing experience, we understand the importance of true musical talent. Customers love the quality of entertainment they receive and how many options they have not to mention the reasonable costs. We retain a high percentage of clients and our referral rate is sky high.  We will tailor make any entertainment for your event!